These are the invitations I've made and used over the years.  I didn't start making my own really until 2002.  That was the first year I used a printer and made some up myself.  They were simple, so I didn't bother saving any to post.  Click on the picture to see a larger view.

This is our 2003 party invite.  I used parchment paper and printed this picture of Lenore and the intro to Creature Features.  I burned the edges of the paper, and rolled them into scrolls.  Then I tied them with black ribbon and attached a black spider to each one.  The party particulars were inside the scroll.

For 2004, I made a poster style invitation.  They were only 12 inches, but done in glossy paper.  The picture came from my own front yard, one of my little skeletons by the front door.  He was illuminated with a red spot light, so the color was perfect for the invite.  I also made an online invite, using the same picture and wording for some of our local AOL friends.

I made little tombstones out of scrap pink foam.  They average about 2" X 4" and are about 3/8" thick.  I made them the same way I made all my regular sized tombstones, with the Dremel to carve and a little bitty template.
For the back of the tombstones, I made little info sheets that I printed and cut out and glued to the backs of them.  I mailed them in simple white invitation envelopes that I bought at WalMart.  I wrapped each mini-tombstone in bubble wrap, then just popped it into the envelope.  They are very light, but since they were thicker and considered "Non-machinable" I had to pay extra for postage.  I think it was like 10 or 12 cents extra per envelope.


2011 was an "Off year"

2015 and 2016 were "Off years" and had no party.

2017 Invitations

2018 Invitations

2019 was another "Off year"

2020 ended up being another "Off year", due to Covid19 and the Presidential Election and all of the nastiness that goes with both.

2021 also got scrapped last minute for personal reasons and remodel projects.

2022 Invitations


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